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Wonderful valves

Are you into valves and do you know that small valves is something that shouldn't be forgotten? I do believe that this has to be done and I do feel that this is something really great before we get into what is really something new too. Yes, the valves has to be done as soon as we can and why not just feel this to the extent that we can do something more instead of just feeling what is really important? Yes, the components has to be drawn to its limit and why not try to get ahead of what ...

Amusement park

Today we went to an amusement park in Stockholm. As it is in the city center (well, very close to it) they have put many attractions very close to each other. It's amazing to see how they can do that and especially for the rollercoasters (three of them are crossing each other) this gives a very nice effect. The weather was fantastic and there were many people, resulting in long queues. Still we managed to enter several attractions and some were very spectacular. We all had a great time, it was a very nice day.

Good vacations in Sweden

Are you planing on going to Sweden this summer? If so, you're doing a great choice and I do believe that it won't be much better then this, yes, try to get ahead and try to get something nicer then what can be done. So I do believe that this has to be done and therefore also get into something more and something better that really is something that has to be done and something that will make the family feel even better. So why not justly to get ahead by booking your boat charter in Stockholm to make ...

Good Chinese food

I recently went to a Chinese restaurant and had something to eat. I got to say that it was the best Chinese restaurant in Stockholm that I've ever been to! The food was insanely good! It was a long time ago since I had something that good to eat. I even took some food home with me to eat later on. I just have to go back there sometime.I'm going to ask some friends if they want to go with me and eat there. I think they'll enjoy the food!

car in the garage

Totally unexpected I received a phone call from the garage that our car is already ready. It was about ten o’clock am and we expected the car to be ready at 13 o’clock pm. That is really fast. They earned a lot of money in a real short period of time. We asked the serviceman yesterday how long it could take and he told us that it will probably take about five hours. I think they must have started very early this morning when the car is ready at ten. But anyway I am happy that my husband and I ...